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Are you looking to have your home tested for mould? Wondering if the air in your home is safe?

IECL have consultants ready to perform comprehensive home inspections for mould, moisture, indoor air quality and allergens.

“Mould testing” sometimes refers to laboratory analysis of samples. For this service, please click here.

What’s involved?

We’ll send a consultant to your home or business, and they’ll use a combination of high-tech equipment and laboratory analysis to determine whether your property has abnormal mould growth or other indoor air quality issues. They’ll inspect every accessible area to discover and document all moisture and mould problems, and will take samples for in-house laboratory analysis. They’ll then produce you a report detailing everything they find.

What does the report include?

The report will include everything you need to get the property back to a healthy condition. It will list every problem the inspector finds, as well as the causes of those problems where identifiable, and will give a list of recommendations for cleaning or remediating the property. If complex works are needed, the consultant will also recommend the level of qualification the tradespersons will need.

Can I test for mould myself?

Of course! We also offer a popular DIY Mould Testing Kit which allows you to take samples to be analysed for mould. The Kit comes with everything you need to sample for mould in the air or on surfaces, and is often used to give renters or homeowners information about whether mould in a home is at dangerous levels. It’s also cheaper than a mould test with a consultant.

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