MethRescue Instant Results Methamphetamine - Mould & Air Quality Testing

Meth Rescue Guide

Meth Rescue Kit is a kit you can use to confirm the presence of methamphetamine. Simple to use, and disposable afterwards, it gives instant results for your peace of mind.

Please ensure that you are wearing disposable gloves and that you are handling the swabs, bottles and cassettes with care to ensure no cross-contamination happens.

Field blank control test

MMC International recommends that you carry out a field blank control test to eliminate the chances of cross-contamination. Follow these instructions:

  • Open a packet marked “IVD excellence”. This contains the cassette that gives you the result. Place the cassette on a flat surface.
  • Take one of the small blue bottles containing the buffer solution. Gently squeeze the bottle to add four droplets of buffer solution to the cassette, in the area marked “S”. This should be done in intervals of four seconds.
  • This should give an indication of a result clear of methamphetamines.

This is done to ensure that the bottle of buffer solution is not cross-contaminated or that the method in which you apply the drops to the cassette is not cross-contaminating the results. Once done, for further tests, please use a different cassette.

Meth Testing

Again, please ensure you are wearing nitrile gloves to eliminate the chance of cross-contamination.

  1. Place the square template on the intended test area. If it is a vertical surface, you may use a minimal amount of tape or Blue-Tac to stick it to the wall. Label the template for your record.
  2. Taking the buffer solution bottle (a small blue bottle), unscrew the lid. Take a cotton bud, and insert it into the bottle and wiggle it for a second or two.
  3. Once the bud is wet, take the cotton bud and gently wipe the bud across the intended test area, highlighted by the cut out area of the template. Ensure to cover the whole test area in the template, and to rotate the bud as you wipe, to ensure ample collection is made.
  4. Once done, insert the used cotton bud back into the same buffer solution bottle used previously. Rotate the bud in the bottle for 10 sections. Remove the cotton bud.
  5. Screw the lid back onto the bottle and shake for 20 seconds.
  6. Open a packet marked “IVD excellence”. This contains the cassette that gives you the result. Place the cassette on a flat surface. Discard packaging of cassette.
  7. Take the eye dropper tool, found in the sachet with the cassette, and dip it into the buffer solution bottle. Squeeze once or twice so that the solution is taken into the eye dropper tool.
  8. Gently squeeze the eye dropper to add four droplets onto the area on the cassette marked “S”, at intervals of 5 seconds.
  9. Red line/s should start to appear on the panel above the test area, anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes later.
  10. Compare this test results to the blank field test done previously.
  11. If the “T” line appears fainter in any way compared to the blank tests “T” line, further laboratory testing is recommended.
    1. If the “t” line does not show at all, this means the level of methamphetamine found on the sampled area is higher than the 0.5ug/100cm and further laboratory testing is required.
    2. If no “C” line shows, the test is invalid.

In situations where laboratory testing is required, we recommended contacting us for a solution.