DIY Mould Test Kits - Mould & Air Quality Testing
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    Musty Odours

  • Water Stains

  • Unexplained Illness

  • Allergy Sufferers

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An easy, convenient solution YOU can carry out
in your home or office.
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  • Affordable

    Save an average of $550 when you use our DIY testing kit compared to hiring a mould professional.

  • Safer Air Quality

    There are numerous health problems caused by mould and other indoor pollutants.

  • Easy-To-Use System

    Our air quality testing system is easy to use. Simply plug it in and turn it on – in 5 minutes it’s complete!

  • Become Aware of Your Air Quality

    A dedicated air quality check is the only way to identify and measure problems in your home’s breathable air and pinpoint the type and amount of spores present.

  • Professional Results that are Accurate and Reliable

    We use the same technology and our own lab to test both DIY samples and samples collected from our team of professional consultants.

  • Quick and Accurate Results

    Our lab’s standard turnaround time is 24 – 48hr business days from receipt of your samples. For an Express service, call us on 1300 032 004

Take the first step

towards putting quality back
in your air.

USE OUR DIY KIT – Test Your Home’s Air Quality with Our Trusted, Accurate and Expert-Developed Mould and Dust Testing Kit.