Sample Lab Report - Mould & Air Quality Testing

IECL communicates every step of the way and ensures that you understand the results we give you. We ensure that our lab report can be easily read and here is what you can expect:

  • A full detailed report, including a discussion, conclusion and recommendation. Details of what was present in the samples.
  • A colour coded system with representative icons and a legend to help understand the levels of concentration and health risks.
  • Typical standards in which the conclusions have been compared to, for your information.
  • Images of analysed samples under microscope.
  • Analysed by our fully qualified mycologist and hygienist on staff, with a fully equipped laboratory.

As soon as the sample/s arrive at the lab, IECL will analyse them as soon as they can. Once done, a report will be written within a short amount of time, and immediately sent to your email address.

Our friendly staff would be happy to help answer any queries you may have from the report. We are even able to help you find suitable professionals to help carry out your recommendations.

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We are a specialised Indoor environmental assesmment & air quality testing company who’s primary concern is the health of our clients.