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Soot Testing

Soot, including ash and charcoal are the byproducts of incomplete combustion from burned organic matter. When properties have been affected by fire or have been inundated by smoke, these byproducts may cause sore throats, allergies and upper respiratory problems.

IECL Consultants are able to undertake an assessment of the premises to determine the visible indications of residual soot, in addition to undertaking sampling of targeted areas to determine the concentration of fine soot particulates.  Our in-house laboratory has the capabilities to determine the concentration of soot contamination  via the use of microscopic analysis in accordance with ASTM D6602-13 (Standard Practice for Sampling and Testing of Possible Carbon Black Fugitive Emissions or Other Environmental Particulate, or Both).

IECL can provide the following soot testing related services:

  • Completion of a comprehensive inspection and sampling of your premises
  • Samples collected are analysed by our in-house laboratory
  • A IECL report detailing the investigation findings

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