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E.Coli Testing

E.coli (Escherichia coli) is an illness-causing bacteria commonly found in water sources and on sewage contaminated surfaces.

Although E. coli broadly speaking can be a harmless bacteria, some strains can cause diarrhoea, pneumonia, urinary-tract infections, and more.

E. coli is used as an indicator for sewage contamination, and its presence may indicate that other biological contaminants are present. Through E. coli testing, IECL consultants can monitor and report on the quality and effectiveness of sewage cleaning and disinfection. The presence of E. coli can also provide an indication of the likelihood of other bacteria and viruses surviving on surfaces.

Exposure poses a health risk to all who spend time in or near the contaminated area. Contact with bacteria and accidental ingestion is the most common way humans become infected, however airborne transmission is also possible.

IECL can perform E. coli testing to confirm the presence or absence of the bacteria on a surface and are able to test for coliforms and E.coli within our in-house laboratory.

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