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Sewage Damage Assessment

Sewage damage occurs as a result of a blockage or damage of plumbing in a premises, a back-up of sewer systems, or an overflow or damage to a septic system.

Sewage liquid and solids can contain harmful biohazardous micro-organisms and viruses that need to be removed immediately. Direct contact with these can result in illnesses, and should not be treated lightly. Care should also be taken to not aerosolize the contaminants. Appropriate PPE should be worn to prevent inhalation and contact with airborne contaminants.

Damage and contaminants should be cleaned up immediately by a professional. Cross-contamination should be avoided at all costs to bring down costs of repair and to improve safety for everyone involved.

Once cleaned, IECL can inspect the premises, and provide a post-remediation verification report that detail the following:

  • Exact cause of damage
  • Amount of damage
  • Clearance assessment
  • If possible further damage could continue to occur

If post-remediation verification does not pass, we can provide a recommended course of action (Scope of Work) to rectify/remediate the problem.

It is important to properly remediate sewage damage, as it can be very dangerous to your health.

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