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Pollen Testing

Pollen is a very fine powdered substance produced as part of the reproductive cycle of particular plants. Pollen is commonly carried by wind, insects and birds, with fluctuations of pollen concentrations based upon seasons and/or weather. Some people have allergies to pollen causing hay fever of runny or itchy blocked nose, sneezing and itchy ears and throat.

IECL Consultants are able to conduct an assessment of your premises to undertake sampling in order to determine pollen concentrations.  Our in-house laboratory has the capabilities to determine the concentration of pollen grains via the use of microscopic analysis.

IECL can provide the following pollen related services:

  • Completion of a comprehensive inspection and sampling of your premises
  • Samples collected are analysed by our in-house laboratory
  • A IECL report detailing the investigation findings

Please don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff who are able to assist you with a quote. Get hassle-free pollen testing from our experts today!

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