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Meth Residue Testing

The Problem

Methamphetamine (Meth) contamination can adversely affect your health. IECL is able to provide you with expert knowledge in the assessment, sampling and reporting of potential meth contamination. Meth Residue Testing is best left to professionals.

How We Can Help

IECL is able to undertake the assessment, sampling and analysis of methamphetamine, including:

  • Determining meth contamination on your property
  • Providing a meth remediation scope of works
  • Pre-purchase property inspections for meth contamination
  • Providing Third Party Clearance Testing post-decontamination, to ensure the decontamination was sufficient

Why We Are Different

Instant Turnaround

Time is important, so we understand your desire for fast, accurate results. Our Tier 1 Instant Tests will provide immediate pass/fail results onsite. A laboratory test (Tier 2) is undertaken if a positive result is received during the Tier 1 test. Laboratory turnaround time is expected to be 48 hours, however, this may be subject to the amount of tests to be analysed and the location of the property.

Meth Testing Packages

IECL offer three meth residue testing packages:

  • Tier 1 Test – DIY Meth TestingIECL is able to provide you with DIY test sampling kits which provide immediate qualitative results.  If the test shows positive results, IECL recommend a further investigation into the exposure concentrations within your property via a Tier 3 approach. DIY Meth Testing Kits can be purchased here.
  • Tier 2 Test – Instant Result Onsite Meth Testing Service.IECL undertakes an onsite inspection and sampling event of your property for an indication of potential meth. If the presence of meth is identified, IECL recommend undertaking further sampling of the property using a Tier 3 approach.
  • Tier 3 Test – Detailed Lab TestIECL undertakes swap tests throughout your property which are then analysed within a Laboratory. Analysis of these samples provide an indication of the meth concentration within your property. IECL provides a report detailing the findings of the overall assessment in addition to providing recommendations if the property is identified to have meth contamination.

Please note that we cannot (by law) perform testing, scoping or assessment for properties that are police-identified, verified meth labs.

For the cost of these services, please speak to our friendly team.

We Also Provide Third Party Clearance Verification Services

If meth decontamination/remediation has been undertaken at your property, IECL Consultants are able to assess the remediation process and provide a clearance verification certificate.

The cost of this report would need to be quoted depending on the size and decontamination method of the property. Please contact us for a quote.

 What If My Property Needs Remediation?

If you receive a positive meth result and want to make your property safe to occupy; IECL can provide recommendations on how to remediate your property.

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