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Water Damage Assessment

High levels of moisture and humidity are strong contributing factors to mould growth. Mould requires a food source and moisture to grow, and when both are present the growth can be exponential.

IECL perform a water damage assessment to determine the source of the leak and then provide recommendations.

IECL Consultants are equipped with various moisture detecting instruments in order to indicate the presence of moisture and the ability to estimate the extent of affected materials. Instruments that maybe used during an inspection include:

  • Moisture Meter – used to indicate the wood moisture equivalent (WME) in materials in addition to assessing material through non-invasive assessment methods.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera – used as an indicative instrument to detect the presence of potential moisture within materials through the use of temperature fluctuation.
  • Concrete Moisture meter –  used to identify the moisture within concrete. This instrument is a non-invasive moisture detector used to gain an indication of potential issues. Invasive testing for actual moisture in the concrete slab using in-situ relative humidity sensors (adhering to Australian standards) may be required following the initial assessment.

A water damage assessment should be undertaken to determine the extent of impacted materials in order to develop a plan to mitigate the possible source.

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