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Mould Laboratory Analysis

IECL is a leading commercial Mould Testing Analysis Laboratory throughout Australia. In addition we are a NATA accredited lab. Our lab follows ASTM Standards

Ours is the only lab in Australia that specialises in Mould Sample Analysis. Our PHD accredited lab director, has published several papers relating to mould analysis. Our specialty is Mould and you can be assured our methodology and services reflect the highest possible standard you can find.

Generally, we can analyse the samples coming to our lab the same day it arrives. Otherwise, wait times can vary from 34-48 hours. Our Mould Lab is open 5 days a week from 8am-4pm, and in emergencies or special cases can operate after-hours.

Lab Accreditation

  • ASTM Standard Designation: D7658 – 17 Standard Test Method for Direct Microscopy of Fungal Structures from Tape.
  • ASTM D7391-17e1 – Standard Test Method for Categorization and Quantification of Airborne Fungal Structures in an Inertial Impaction Sample by Optical Microscopy

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    Mould Air Sample Procedure

    First create a mould sampling plan appropriate for the job. You need to identify problem areas and or potential occupants’ exposure. Areas for testing include:

    • Indoor samples of problem areas
    • Outdoor sample for reference. This will be compared to the indoor sample.
    • Subfloor and ceiling areas if required
    • Sample collection may taken with HVAC system running or switched off. Depending on mould sampling plan.
    • You may find it useful to take the sample in disturbed conditions by the use of a air blower.
    • Use an air sampling pump (Biopump) to collect air sample at 15 litres per minute
    • Label the cassette with a sample number / job number with location
    • Important, you will want to place your mould air sample pump on a tripod. It should be 1.5 – 2m above ground level.
    • Remove sticker tape sealers on the inlet and outlet of the mould sample casset (Air-o-Cell) and put then on the side of the pump.
    • Place the cassette on the sampling pump.
    • Turn the pump on for 5 minutes.
    • You will want to record, the sample number, location, pump number, flow rate , sample duration and air volumes, rotameter number as well as job number, client and sampling documented on the Chain of custody.

    Calibrating the mould sample pump

    They will run at a flow of 15 litres per minute. You can use a rotameter calibration device to ensure it is calibrated correctly. For greater accuracy, you can record the calibration results on the chain of custody.


    Mould Surface Samples

    Tape sampling is a a technique used to sample surfaces. It is sued for the identification of mould benera, the degree of contamination. Additionally it can potential for airborne spore production.

    The method to collect includes using a Zefon (environmental express) biotape to the surface. The tape is pressed against the surface and sent to the lab for analysis. This media if used properly should not cause damage to the surface. The slides have their own individual mailers and have unique serial numbers for documentation purposes.

    Mould Surface sampling procedure

    • Use of PPE relevant to the project
    • Do not sample if the sampling can lead to uncontrolled exposure
    • Remove slide from mailer plastic sleeve
    • Document sample location inside the label and the Chain of Custody Form (coc) (Download here)
    • Expose adhesive of the biotape by peealin off the liner.
    • Place slide with the tape down on teh surface to be samples
    • gently  press down. (Not too hard)
    • Carefully remove slide from surface and place back in mailer. DO NOT put the peel back on the surface
    • Send slide to Lab for analysis. Don’t forget to fill in your Chain of Custody Form.

    IECL provide mould testing reports for the following clients:

    • Mould Inspectors, Building Biologists
    • Real estate firms, facility managers and property managers
    • Legal firms
    • Home owners and building owners.
    • Insurance companies, Insurance loss adjusters
    • Mould Remediation, Builders and Restoration Companies

    What our recent clients say about us…

    Jack Chapple
    Jack Chapple
    IECL were fantastic from start to finish. Their home test kit was easy to use and the results came back so quickly. I needed a home visit which was thorough, professional and friendly, couldn’t recommend them more.
    T H
    T H
    Outstanding knowledge, professionalism, care and dedication. I would not hesitate to recommend this business
    Samuel Pickard
    Samuel Pickard
    Fantastic company, extremely professional
    David, the building biologist, carried out a careful, thorough, professional inspection at my property. He answered all my many questions in great detail. I’m very glad I engaged IECL to test my property for mould
    James M
    James M
    Fast turnaround and reasonably priced. The service delivery was very professional and helpful.
    Lucy Robinson
    Lucy Robinson
    Very thorough with helpful suggestions on improving the air quality in our education environment. Highly recommend.
    Terri Rock
    Terri Rock
    Very professional and comprehensive inspection and report. Very pleased with the service, would recommend. Thank you.
    Patrick Moore
    Patrick Moore
    Birgit was very thorough with our inspection and the report was comprehensive. She was very professional and was able to help me to understand the process & outcomes. The report came back in a timely manner and the support and information from the admin staff was excellent.
    Sandhya P
    Sandhya P
    The IECL team are exceptional. Birgit is a thorough professional and did a great job with the mould inspection at our house. She went above and beyond and took the time to answer all our questions and provide useful and practical tips to deal with the mould. Very happy with the level of service provided by the team.

    Our Lab Team

    David Saunders

    Cert. Mould Consultant (CMC) - IICRC Cert. - Water Restoration Technician (WRT) - Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT)

    Alexander Wilkie

    PhD Mycologist / IEP - B Biotech (Hons) - IICRC Cert. - Water Restoration Technician (WRT) - Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT)

    The IECL Difference

    World-class inspection services

    Highly qualifed staff, NATA accredited lab

    Over 20 years experience

    Fully insured company

    Easy-to-read reports, expert consultation

    Mould Sample Report

    We can write a scope of work that provides detailed steps for an accredited mould remediation specialist to follow when completing the mould remediation. The report will include photos of a complete investigation of the property with a mud map outlining the areas with moisture ingress.