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Indoor Air Quality within your Workplace

Indoor air quality can be a large contributing factor to the productivity of your workplace. Poor indoor air quality can adversely affect the health of employees, potentially reducing workers concentration and can exacerbate respiratory issues.

It is important to invest in good indoor air quality (IAQ) in your workplace to maximise work efficiency and protect the general health of employers.

IECL Consultants can help you identify what factors and contaminants are contributing to your indoor air quality. Questions to help you decide if you may require an IAQ assessment have been provided below:

  • When was the last time your workplace air-conditioner system and ducts were cleaned?
  • Are there any known humidity or moisture problems?
  • Are there particular items in the office that may be chemically off-gassing (e.g. printer)?
  • Is the workplace well ventilated?
  • Do you often smell fumes from machines or from cars?
  • Are the cleaning staff using chemicals and products that are eco-friendly and low toxicity?
  • Does the workplace use air fresheners?
  • Do workers have problems breathing, such as coughing, difficulty breathing or asthma?
  • Does mould keep reappearing?

The types of Indoor Air Quality services IECL provide includes:

  • Mould Assessment.
  • Assessment of allergens including pollen and general office dust.
  • Assessment of indoor climate inclusive of relative humidity, ultra-fine particle count and volatile organic compounds monitoring.

Due Diligence and Liability 

IECL Consultants understand the importance of good IAQ and are able to provide you with information and solutions for good IAQ. IECL maintains the highest quality assurance and standards of service for assessments of your premises.



We are a specialised Indoor environmental assessment & air quality testing company whose primary concern is the health of our clients.