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Air Conditioner Testing

Air conditioning, whether a split system or a ducted HVAC system, can  have a great impact on indoor air quality. Poorly maintained air-conditioning can lead to indoor air quality issues and potentially health issues for occupants and workers.

The purpose of the system is to recirculate air through the building while either heating or cooling it each cycle. Generally speaking, air conditioners – both ducted and split systems do not add fresh air into a building. Some air conditioners can aid in humid climate conditions by removing moisture if the dehumidification setting is enabled. Reducing  humidity in buildings helps to minimise risk of microbial contamination of the environment.

In a workplace a poorly maintained or contaminated system can lead to contamination of indoor air and consequently to loss in work productivity and increased sick leave. This contamination is largely due to microbial growth on moisture caused by condensation from the temperature differences the air conditioner makes. Possible consequences of poor indoor air quality may include respiratory issues, allergic reactions, viral infections and even Legionnaires Disease.

IECL will inspect air-conditioning systems for dust, debris, mould growth and moisture issues as part of indoor air quality assessments or as stand alone inspections, depending on our client’s requirements. Post cleaning inspections of air conditioning systems can be conducted by IECL to ensure that systems have been cleaned appropriately. We guarantee high quality, hassle-free air conditioner testing.

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