How it Works - Mould & Air Quality Testing

DIY Mould sampling:

Here at IECL, we understand that your situation may be time or costsensitive, so we strive to find the most affordable solution to resolve any given situation. That is why we provide DIY mould sampling kits for your convenience.

Having a DIY mould kit is an affordable solution, that allows for the quickest turn-around time and works at your own pace. If you purchase one of our kits, it can be delivered or picked up from one of our warehouses, after purchasing your lab tests the sample tests and pump can be returned back in the same way.

DIY Kit how it works
How does it work?

Look at our simple steps

  • Step 1

    Take samples of surface and air

    It’s important to take both a sample of the outdoor air as well as the indoor air within the intended room. This scientific control method helps lab technicians gain a deeper understanding of the context and what is considered a standard of air quality in your area. This process is used by IAQ professionals in the industry. With professional-grade results, this DIY mould testing kit is affordable and accessible. Please click here for our sampling instructions.

  • Step 2

    Purchase your sample lab test

    Purchasing your sample lab tests is simple, press on the link below which will take you to our product sales page, purchase the required type and number of lab test based on the number of samples you’ve taken (Biotape lab fee or Air-O-Cell lab fee). A receipt will be emailed to you once the purchase has been completed. It’s important to note your receipt number and include it on the Chain of Custody form which arrived with your test kit. Provide your details, the address, each sample’s number and their locational details.

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    Step 3

    Deliver the samples to us

    You may choose to drop the tests off to our lab or deliver the samples to our address with the included pre-paid return packaging envelope, we allow 7 days for tests to be carried out and the pump and samples returned. Ensure you have filled out and included the chain of custody form with the receipt number, that the surface sample casing is sealed tight, and all samples are labelled clearly before sending. Place the pump, samples and form in the box they were delivered in, put the box inside the pre-paid envelope and post it back – It’s that easy.

  • Step 4

    Receive your in-depth lab report

    Our fully equipped lab and qualified team analyse the samples with a quick turn-around time. We will email you the results of the lab analysis in a fully detailed report, as well as interpreting the test results and offering recommendations if relevant. This report will indicate levels of mould ecology in sampled areas with both indoor air quality and surface testing results.