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Virtual Mould Inspection (Zoom Meeting)

IECL is now offering convenient long-distance mould inspections via online video chat.

Liaise one-on-one with an environmental professional from IECL through a mobile device compatible with Zoom [link] or other video conferencing platform. Tour your premises and show us any visible mould or suspected sources and problem areas. Receive instant consultation and inspection service, limited only by the information you provide and what can be reasonably deduced from the video feed.

This service is perfect for preliminary inspections, clients looking for a fast assessment, and long-distance or remote clients. We highly recommend Virtual Inspections to clients affected by Covid-19 and restrictions.

Zoom virtual mould inspection

What is required of the client?:

  • A clear and comprehensive briefing of your problems/needs to the best of your knowledge.
  • A stable digital connection, with video of reasonable clarity and framerate.
  • An understanding that results and accuracy cannot be guaranteed to the same degree as provided from IECL professionals performing a traditional site inspection.

What you can expect from your IECL consultant?:

  • Kind & professional service, from our highly experienced team.
  • A wide scope of industry knowledge to help identify problems and solutions.
  • A written report complete with important considerations and recommended action.
  • A fast 24-48 hour turnaround on any samples sent in. Our DIY mould testing kits pair excellently with our Live Virtual Inspection service.

IECL Consultants are able to perform follow-up inspections on-site if deemed neccesary. We are also able to direct clients to applicable mould remediation services.

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