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Fire Damage Assessment

It is quite amazing to see how far soot can travel in your premises as a fire occurs. After being put out, you may find that your building and contents have been affected by fire or soot damage.

It is important to either eventually remove these items or have them remediated where appropriate. IECL can provide services in fire damage assessment in two different ways:

  • Initial spread of soot – Technicians will be able to determine how far your house has been affected by the fire. It may look like some rooms in your house are totally unaffected, but simple tests can show that soot has traveled further than you might suspect. One simple test is using a special chemical fire sponge to wipe ceilings. Just a simple wipe on a seemingly clean ceiling may highlight a clean wipe mark made amongst a thin layer of soot covering the ceiling. Other tests include taking air and surface samples to measure exactly how much soot, CO and CO2 is in the air. Contaminated items may be deemed non-recoverable if they pose a hazard to health or negatively affect indoor air quality.
  • Quality assurance –after a fire remediation clean to your home and contents, a confirmation of a successful clean may be needed for the peace of mind. IECL is able to take samples of each room in the premises to determine whether more cleaning is needed or if it was a successful clean.

IECL is dedicated to making sure your indoor air quality is safe. If you wish to have an onsite inspection to start a comprehensive indoor environmental assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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