Post Remediation Verification - Mould & Air Quality Testing
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Post Remediation Verification

IECL can provide you with an independent post remediation verification (PRV) inspection and report following mould remediation on the premises.

During a PRV inspection of  the property, IECL can undertake an assessment of the  moisture levels and a visual assessment of the area to ensure mould has been removed. Collection of mould samples are conducted as a form of the verification process to determine to ensure the remedial work has been completed to an acceptable standard.

IECL has an in-house testing laboratory and experienced staff. Because of this, we can offer quicker turn-around on our mould testing results and reports. Our reports detail important information such as mould identification and spore counts.

IECL can provide the following asbestos related services:

  • Completion of a comprehensive inspection and sampling of your premises
  • Samples collected are analysed by an NATA accredited Laboratory
  • IECL will provide a verification certificate


IECL Consultants are also able to undertake Clearance Inspections during removal of asbestos, with an in-house Licensed Asbestos Assessor.

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