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Workplace Lighting Assessment

IECL are trained experts in workplace lighting assessment, lux testing, and lighting surveys as a specialized service. Poor lighting can lead to mental fatigue, eye strain and other serious work incidents. We can visit onsite to create a report to help you determine your compliance requirements and whether the lighting is suitable in your workplace. 

Requirements for Lighting in Workplaces

There are requirements under Section 40(d) of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 advising that the person conducting business undertaking ensures:

  • Each worker to carry out work without risk to health and safety 
  • Persons to move within the workplace without risk to health and safety
  • Safe evacuation in an emergency 

Specifically, Section 314 of the WHS regulation ensures the principle for construction projects ensures the requirements of s50(d) are complied with. 

If there is natural light present, the workplace needs to assess whether there is enough light for

  • Safe access to and from the workplace
  • Safe performance of tasks
  • Exiting workplace emergency situations
  • The size and complexity of the workplace taking into account the above. 

Workplace lighting assessment lux testing

Australian Standards for Workplace Lighting

Our report provided will give reference to whether the property is compliant with Australian Standards. The report will be in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standards; Interior and Workplace Lighting, Part 1: General principles and recommendations AS/NZS 1680.1:2006.

The standards will have general guidelines suggesting the following 

  • General lighting – A value of 160 Lux for general work areas
  • Office environments require more lighting (320-400 Lux) 
  • 40 Lux for walkways and access areas

Other considerations we will provide in our report:

  • Horizontal Task Illuminance
  • Vertical Task Illuminance
  • Lighting Uniformity

We will complete the following as part of the inspection:

  • Examination of lights throughout the premises. 
  • Instrument readings using a light exposure meter 
  • Visual inspection of the type of lighting
  • Targeted monitoring taken in accordance with Australian Standards. 
  • Measuring of illuminance

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