Steam Cleaning Carpets And Mould Growth - Mould & Air Quality Testing

Sometimes, the things we do to look after our home can create additional problems. Steam cleaning can be very effective at removing stains, but can also lead to mould growth throughout your home due to increased moisture exposure over time.

Many people are unaware of this fact, with excessive moisture leading to a build-up of mould that can also affect your air quality.

If you have carpet in your home, then you will understand the importance of regular cleaning. Kids, pets, and even just everyday tasks, cause dirt and stains over time, and steam cleaning is often utilised in addition to regular vacuuming. While small rugs and removable carpets can be easily sent to a specialist, large installed carpets need to be cleaned in place. There are two options available to you: renting a steam cleaner, or calling in a professional steam cleaning company.

While steam cleaning your home is a common part of modern life, it’s important to be aware of the implications.

Cleaning your carpets with steam can cause significant mould issues over time. The moisture component may be good at removing stains, but it also provides an environment in which mould can grow and thrive. While steam cleaning can be very effective, it is capable of pushing moisture down into the underpad and even into the flooring in some cases.

If carpets, underpads, or flooring materials remain damp for a few days, mould growth can and will develop.

Steam cleaning can add several litres of water throughout the cleaning process, with a few buckets’ worth added to your home by the end of the clean. While more modern equipment pieces feature advanced moisture extraction capabilities, this is often only capable of eliminating between one-half and three-quarters of this water content.

If the remaining moisture stays in your carpets or sponge-like underpad, mould growth can begin in as little as 24 hours. Over time, this mould will use dirt particles, dust, building materials, and cellulose materials to fuel its growth. When people notice these issues, they often get involved in a vicious cycle of repeated steam cleaning, which prolongs the moisture exposure and adds to the existing mould growth.

Solutions to Steam Cleaning

If you want to eliminate all signs of mould in your home, you may choose to completely avoid steam cleaning. Standard vacuuming or spot cleaning can be very effective, especially when it is done on a regular basis. In most cases, spot cleaning with minimal water or standard vacuuming does not apply any water to the underpad layer, and with no dampness, mould is unable to grow.

If you do choose to steam clean your carpets, or you’ve been involved with steam cleaning in the past, it’s important to get your home checked for mould as soon as possible. At IECL, we have inspected countless homes and seen this issue many times. Our mould air quality testing and surface mould inspections use thermal imaging and other advanced techniques to determine moisture levels and mould growth patterns.

If you want to protect your home and family, please call IECL today to speak with one of our friendly technicians at 1300 032 004.

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