Aura Air Wall-Mounted Air Purifier

Aura Air Wall-Mounted Air Purifier

Meet Aura Air, the purifier that kills 99% of viruses and bacteria.

Research has found that the Aura Air detects, captures and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mould so you can breathe safely and freely


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The Aura Air Wall/Ceiling mounted air purifier is perfect for every indoor space. It can remove up 99.9% of airbourne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, VOCs, allergens, dust, and general particulate in a large area. Installation is made easy with installation template and mounting screws, and comes with a manual detailing all steps of installation and configuration. Using a wifi connection, this unit can update real time on indoor and outdoor air quality via the Aura Air App.


Full Control

Take charge of your indoor air quality thanks to real-time smart insights and recommendations via the Aura Air App



Aura effectively kills 99.9% of viral particles, including SARS-CoV-2


Set your rules

Define your automations based on your indoor air quality.
The aura will take care of making it happen


WELL Certified

Medically approved by WELL building standard to enhance human health and wellbeing


Easy to install

Breathe pure, refined air within minutes Once the device is mounted onto the wall, plug it into an electrical outlet, connect your device to a current WiFi connection, and pair it with the Aura Air App. That’s it! You’re all set to breathe pure air


(Almost) Zero maintenance

Keeping the aura running in peak performance is easy! The Ray filter requires replacement only every 6 months. Each device will send out it’s own automatic replacement alert in advance to the control panel.



Aura comes with everything you need to install it. Once the device is placed safelyt on the wall, plug it into the electricity outlet. Next, connect your device to your existing wifi network, and connect it to the Aura app. And that’s it! You’re all set to let Aura do all the hard work


Aura control panel

Set your Aura to operate according to your needs.

Determine what your needs are quickly and easily, the Aura Control Panel will notify you what your air quality parameters are. Get alerts, notifications and manage your Aura remotely. Aura integrates with your BMS or working as standalone


Scientifically proven results

In August 2019, Aura Air conducted an experiment at the general and oncological surgery department of the Chaim Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel. The purpose of the study was to rate and review Aura Air’s abilities to clean and purify the air from various pollutants and bacteria.

The results were groundbreaking; 99.9% of bacteria were targeted and purified. With the outbreak of Covid-19 the study’s focus shifted towards the prevention of hospital- acquired infections. Aura Air has successfully managed to filter and purify the SARS-CoV-2

Air exchanges per hour 2.5
Max noise level 64 dB
Wireless communication WiFI
Connectivity Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
Indoor Smoke, CO, CO2, VOC, PM 2.5, PM 10, Temperature & Humidity
Outdoor CO, NOX, NO, NO2, O3 (Ozone), VOC, PM 2.5, PM 10, Temperature, Humidity & Weather forecast
Materials Polymer, Textile
Dimensions 14.7 inch / 14.7 inch/ 6 inch, 37.5 cm/ 37.5 cm/ 15cm
Weight 12.1 lbs/ 5.5 kg
Placement Wall or ceiling


IAQ PRO Med1 Brochure & Specifications