Zefon Vacuum Dust Collector

Zefon Vacuum Dust Collector

An easy-to-use particulate sample collector that can attach to most household vacuum cleaners.



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Have concerns about your air quality regarding dust and particles? This popular Zefon tool allows for instant sample capture without any fancy equipment. All you will need is a typical vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment.

Connect this adapter to the end of the hose, point it towards your suspected problem areas and vacuum as normal. This method works on everything including timber, tile and carpet. The Dust Collector has a filter inside that will retain your sample. Conveniently, you can just remove the adapter, bag it and send it directly for analysis.

Note: Avoid vacuuming large amounts with a single adapter, so that your sample is more specific. If your problem is more complex or varied based on location and environment, IECL recommends adding an additional adapter to your order. For inquiries, please call us at 1300 032 004