Surface sampler instructions - Mould & Air Quality Testing

Surface Sampling Instructions:

Surface Sampling is an effective way to allow lab technicians to analyse the source under a microscope in a remote location. The surface sample has a film that is peeled off which exposes a slight sticky surface that collects particles off the test area when applied. This surface sample (sample slide), is then analysed under the microscope.

Please follow these steps to collect a sample.

  • Step 1

    Put on nitrile disposable gloves do prevent cross contamination. Open the plastic casing and leave the sample in the case.

  • Step 2

    Write a sample number (if it is the first sample you are taking, write 1), location description (Laundry wall), and order number on the sample.

  • Step 3

    Take the sample out of the casing, remove the protective plastic from the slide, and firmly place the exposed side on the chosen surface (1 second contact time).

  • Step 4

    Place the sample back into the protective casing, making sure that the surface tape sample is facing the right way up. You will know which is correct way up by the embossed “TOP” labeled on the outside of the casing. Be careful not to let the slide touch anything else. Close the casing, ensuring you hear the double click sound that indicates the entire latch has closed properly.

  • Step 5

    Repeat steps 1-4 for further surface sampling. When completed, book your lab test and record the receipt on the Chain of Custody Form provided, place the form sample/s in a zip lock bag, and place that bag into an envelope addressed to IECL 3/33 Miller St Murarrie QLD 4172